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Adhesives and Sealants
 ·Plant growth regulator
Catalyst and Auxiliary
 ·Other Auxiliary Agent
Dyestuffs and Pigments
 ·Acid Dyes
 ·Basic Dyes
 ·Direct Dyes
 ·Disperse Dyes
 ·Reactive Dyes
 ·Sulfur Dyes
 ·Vat Dyes
Food and Feed additives
 ·Food additives
Fragrances and Aroma chemicals
Inorganic chemicals
 ·Agrochemical intermediates
 ·Dyestuff intermediates
 ·Pharmaceutical intermediates
 ·Synthesis material intermediates
Machinery and Equipment
Organic chemicals and Derivatives
 ·Acid, ester and anhydride compounds
 ·Alcohol and aether compounds
 ·Aldehyde and ketone compounds
 ·Aroma compounds
 ·Basic organic raw materials
 ·Halogenated derivatives
 ·Heterocyclic compounds
 ·Nitrated derivatives
Other Chemicals
Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals
 ·Synthetic resin and plastics
 ·Synthetic Rubber
Soaps and Cosmetics


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