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Shanghai Hongsheng Industry Limited Company

    mainly produce special fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and chemicals made to order.

    The company has strong R&D force in chemicals and can R&D various chemicals according to the client's requirement.

Add:Room 401, No. 37, 2588 lane, Longwu Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 0086-21-54265267
Fax: 0086-21-54265268
E-mail: chshhsc@online.sh.cn
URL: www.shhschemical.com

===== INTRODUCTION =====

Character and Structure:

    Shanghai Hongsheng Industry Limited Company was established in 1997.It is a private owned chemical and technical enterprise. It is consisted of personnel who work in the research of organic chemistry for many years and a few experts who are in the area of natural organism, metallic organism, organo-fluorine chemistry, analytical chemistry and so on.

    The business mainly is on the development, production and management of special chemical reagents, chemicals for special use and medical intermediate and etc. It is combined of one chemical research department and two pilot plants.

Chemical Research Department:

    The research and development are under the leading of general manager. The research team is consisted of professors, doctors, masters and technicians with excellent skill. The scope is focused on the new products explored, contract researched, impurity separated, component chemistry synthesized, technique investigated and a small batch of samples produced (less of kg scale) and so on.

The chemical plant No.1 Hongsheng Fine Chemical Limited Company

    The plant has the area of 5000M2 as the production base. Apparatus is sufficient, for example, the enamelled and stainless steel reactor is from 50-1000L. The several technological processes are for the productions which are finalized the design. The plant has appropriative equipment for low temperature, it can refrigerate to 80 degrees below zero centigrade. Surely the employee troop is of skillful operation and productive experience.

The chemical plant No.2 Shanghai Far Navigation Chemical Reagent Factory

    The area of the factory is about 6000M2.The factory works mainly on chemical reagents and special chemicals. It can process a lot of chemicals. The 40 types chemicals can be supplied in every day and every month.

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